Twitterati lambasts at Modi govt, termed it as govt of goons

05 August, 2017


Munish Nagar: 

The BJP led government facing the ire of the leaders, workers and supporters of Congress right after the attack on the convoy of AICC Vice-President Rahul Gandhi. A trend on Twitter showing the anger of the people who have been targeting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi terming it #ModiGundaRaj.

A trend at Twitter by Twitterati showed their concern for Rahul Gandhi and blamed the Modi supporters for the attack.

Sanjay Jha tweeted, “Rising violence, hate-crimes, religious tensions, inflammatory statements, threatening people; #ModiGundaRaj is in fast forward.”

Another tweet targeted Modi for spreading the violence in the country. Md Asif Khan wrote, “First they killed Muslims then Dalits and now they are trying to kill opposition's leader. BJP is party of Goons.”

Geet Varun described that the anti social elements are being promoted in #ModiGundaRaj. Geet Varun said, “In #ModiGundaRaj Those Indulging in Thuggery & Violence are Protected, Promoted, Rewarded.”

St. Sinner’s tweet defines the BJP led government a government of goons. St. Sinner tweeted, “Government of Goons, Off the Goons, for the Goons. #ModiGundaRaj

Even the AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi openly blamed Modi and RSS for the attack. An edited picture of Modi, Rajnath and Amit Shah riding on bike carrying weapons in their hands went viral on twitter.

It is evident that the people especially the Congress leaders, workers and supporters hit out at Modi for the attack on Congress Prince Rahul Gandhi.

In a span of three years in BJP regime, the country witnessed incidents of lynching’, violence on Muslims and Dalits. The recent attack on Rahul Gandhi would definitely put a dent on the BJP in 2019 General Elections.