Reality of ‘Gandhi’

02 October, 2017

The entire county has been observing the birth anniversary of Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi as his image is being presented in our textbook as a hero of non-violence movement that led to the independence of India.

However, the people are ignorant about some facts that will give goose bumps to the readers. Here are some lesser known facts about Gandhi.

Gandhi experimented with smoking with his elder brother. Then he experimented with meat-eating with a Muslim friend as he was convinced that the English were able to rule India because they ate meat.

He couldn’t carry on his practice as a lawyer in India due to his poor ability to cross-question his witnesses or put up speeches. In fact, while delivering a speech, his knees and hands would often tremble.

Gandhi had established 3 football clubs in Durban, Pretoria, and Johannesburg all of which were given the same name: Passive Resisters Soccer Club. But, failed to establish single football club in India after independence of the country. He always carry a set of false teeth with him and fold in his loin cloth.


A famous historian Jad Adams wrote many revealing facts on Mahatma Gandhi in his book, ‘Gandhi: Naked Ambition’. The book no doubt caused a lot of swirl in the public and media, but at the same time it also invoked many questions in people’s mind about the truth of Gandhi. The book says that Gandhi slept and bathed with young girls.


Gandhi was having sex when his father lay breathing his last upstairs. He was an adulterer and had a spiritual marriage with two British women who were in the Ashram

Gandhi’s horrific advice to Jews—Commit mass suicide. “We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents.” Gandhi to Hitler. 

Gandhi could have saved martyr Bhagat Singh but he didn’t take the initiative as he knew that Singh was more famous in the country for his revolutionary views.