Moroccan people admire Bollywood films: delegation

13 November, 2017

Kolkata: Moroccan cine-goers are great lovers of Bollywood films and Shah Rukh Khan's popularity is no less there than that in his home country, a member of the Moroccan delegation to the 23rd Kolkata International Film Festival said here today. A package of six films are being screened in the Contemporary Moroccan Cinema category of the KIFF. 

The package includes "Androma... Blood and Coal" and "Razzia" - films that won accolades in various festivals. "Our audiences are mesmerised in real admiration for your vibrant cinema, which is part of Indian tradition and culture.... They like the stories, especially love stories, even without subtitles. We like the choreography and colours," Rachida Saadi said. Shah Rukh Khan is a popular star in Morocco and his films are big hits, Saadi, a prominent film producer of the country, told a press conference. 

"We appreciate, our audience appreciates the way you weave the dream, throw in some fun, and the audience live with the dream after the movie," she said. Saadi said her country produces 25 odd movies a year and does not have many cinema theatres. More over, a section of the people are increasingly hooked to DVDs and Internet creating a problem for theatre owners, she said.