I lit a million lamps leading to my heart but it wasn't my heart that he wanted ...

06 November, 2017

So many women have experienced this hollow empty feeling when faced with a man’s basic desire. Women bare their soul to a man but he gets satisfaction from the mere physicality of the relationship. Women will go to insane limits for their man but man is capable of reducing it to a diamond or sex.

What is a woman do here? Should she stop trying? Giving up is easy but the next man might be the same. Waiting for a man to realise the value of your effort is a useless exercise because they are just made different. We cannot just blame any specific culture because baring few cultural habits men and women across the world have the same thought process. Men can cheat on their partners much more easily as for them it's just about momentary gratification.  
Very rarely do men let their guards down and allow themselves the luxury of forging real deep connect. The reason is not that they are machines or monsters, they are just scared of getting hurt. A broken heart needs strength to recover from and men never get a chance to develop their inner strength. Times are changing and coming generations will cope better but for now, this is what they are.

As a woman in love with her, don't expect him to understand the labour of your love. Go on trying till it doesn't hurt you happiness to love someone You are doing the efforts because you want to and it gives you happiness. I don't encourage games and manipulations in relationships but don't try to be a saint either. We all need to be loved and you both deserve to be loved back.  
We should set realistic expectations keeping in mind his emotional development and challenges, explain your expectations clearly, don't expect the guy to be a mind reader, don’t expect a perfect romance and passion of movies, you aren't perfect urself, know yourself enough to know when to stop. Don't let urself taken for granted, love can move mountains but are you ready to give up your whole life trying to change a person who is happy the way he is