Faulty traffic lights posing a threat to commuters

14 November, 2017

Faulty traffic lights at the Sector 33/45 intersection are posing a threat to commuters. The traffic light gets red well before the time displayed at the lights.

A motorist was challaned today for jumping the red light by traffic cops for “no fault of his”. Deepak Sharma, who was crossing the light point, said the light was green but due to some fault it turned red despite 13 seconds remaining.

“I was stopped by the traffic police after which I pointed out the fault in the timer. The police, however, spoke to me rudely and issued a challan for jumping the red light,” said Sharma.

He said he made a video of the faulty timer and complained to the traffic police on their Facebook page and even submitted a complaint at the office of the DSP (Traffic).

In their facebook page he wrote, “This is sheer harassment; I am being challaned for no fault of mine and then I was told to contact the engineering wing to get the fault rectified”. 

The traffic lights at Tribune Chowk are also faulty. The lights towards Zirakpur from the Sector 32 side turn red within a few seconds after getting green.