BJP deliberately wants to eliminate Mugal history to promote 'Hindutva'

21 October, 2017

The BJP legislators have been lashing out at the monuments built by the Mugal emperors gradually. After Sangeet Som’s statement on Taj Mahal that it was built by the traitors, the BJP legislator from Haryana has joined the league of making controversial statement on the Taj Mahal. Even the union minister Anant Hegde refused to attend the birth anniversary celebrations of Tipu Sultan.

The cabinet minister of Haryana, Anil Vij has termed the Taj Mahal a beautiful cemetery. He tweeted, “Taj Mahal ek khoobsurat kabristan hai (Taj Mahal is a beautiful cemetery).”

Vij is known for making controversial tweets and statements.

BJP leader and MLA from Uttar Pradesh’s Sardhana constituency Sangeet had Som triggered a controversy last week by saying that the Taj Mahal was a blot on Indian culture.

The Taj, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of the world, is visited by lakhs of people from across the world.

In a damage control exercise, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday said the famed monument in Agra was a part of Indian heritage and he is to visit it on October 26.

Adityanath, whose BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has been facing flak for ignoring Taj Mahal in the tourism booklet of the state, said that the monument was constructed “by the blood and sweat of Indian labourers”.

In Maharashtra, the BJP led state government had erased the Mugal history from the text books and glorified Shivaji and Maharana Pratap in the text books.

In Karnataka, the union minister Ananth Kumar Hegde has instructed the state government officials not to add his name to the invitation for the celebration of Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary.

Hegde, who is from Uttara Kannada district, condemned the decision of the state government to continue with the birthday celebrations despite what he said was the wish of the people and protests that led to violence.

Tipu Sultan fought against the East India Company and despite that the opposition in Karnataka termed him as a dictator king who forced the people to embrace Islam. Even the BJP termed him anti-Hindu.

It seems the BJP has deliberately decided to erase the Mugal history from the country and that’s why the BJP leaders coming out with the controversial statements against the Mugals and the monuments.