10-yr-old Chandigarh rape victim gave birth to child, adopted by maharashtra couple

07 December, 2017

Chandigarh: A 10-year-old rape victim, in Chandigarh, gave birth to a baby girl in a city hospital after three months baby have been adopted by a couple from Maharashtra. The information of the child was received from the website of the Central Adams Resource Authority, which was uploaded on 17th August after the birth of the child. 

The family of Maharashtra has been happily carrying the baby with her home last week. The Social Welfare Department of Chandigarh has confirmed this. The fact is that the 10-year-old girl was raped by two of her uncles, after which she became pregnant. After the incident, both the uncles were found guilty in the fast track court and the court sentenced them to life imprisonment. 

According to sources, the child has been adopted by a prosperous family who is taking care of him well. In the meantime, Child Welfare Committee Chairman Sangeeta Vardhan has also put a stop to rumours in which it was being said that a foreign couple is adopting a child. Sangeeta Vardhan also said that all the rules have been followed in adopting the child. He further said that a few days ago, the family came to take the child to the house. 

Other information of the adoptive family has been kept confidential, keeping in mind the future interests of the child. After the birth of the girl, the parents of the girl who was raped had also refused to see the girl's face, after which she was kept under the supervision of the Social Welfare Department. Although the baby was born prematurely, now she is completely healthy.