NYPD cops forced Muslim woman to remove hijab: lawsuit

A Muslim woman has filed a lawsuitin a court here alleging that police officers forced her to remove her hijab and snapped photos of her after ‘false arrest’. 

Multiple arrests at US pipeline protest site

US officials plan to enter a closed camp site near the Dakota Access Pipeline on Thursday following the arrest of 10 people after a deadline to leave the area expired.

7 killed in Lahore explosion

 At least seven persons were killed and over 15 were injured in an explosion in a defence area of Lahore on Thursday, the local media reported.

Prince Naruhito says he is ready to ascend Japan’s throne

 Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito on Thursday hinted that he was prepared to ascend the throne once his father, Emperor Akihito, steps down.

SpaceX cargo aborts docking at space station

Scientists are reworking plans for the arrival on Thursday of the SpaceX Dragon cargo craft after its docking with the International Space Station was aborted early Wednesday morning, NASA said.

Japan to pay damages to Okinawans hit by US jets’ noise

A Japanese court on Thursday ordered the central government to pay over $260 million in compensation to residents living near a US airbase in Okinawa over aircraft noise

Google, Microsoft agree to crackdown on piracy sites

For the first time, global tech giants Google and Microsoft have agreed to tighten up their search engines as part of a crackdown on piracy sites illegally streaming events and films.

Sikhs suffer in Pakistani province: Sikh leader

About 10,000 members of the Sikh community in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province lack education and health, a Sikh leader said in remarks published on Tuesday.

Three explosions near a court rock Pakistan

Three explosions occurred near a court in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province on Tuesday, the police said.

Several die as plane crashes into Melbourne shops

Several people died aboard a light aircraft that smashed into a shopping centre near the Australian city of Melbourne, the state premier said.

Hitler’s dreaded red telephone sold for USD 243,000

Adolf Hitler’s personaltelephone which the Nazi dictator used to give deadly orders during the World War II has been sold for a whopping USD 243,000, more than double the starting price at a US auction.

10 civilians killed in Afghanistan grenade attack

 At least 10 civilians were killed and four wounded in a grenade attack in Laghman province of Afghanistan, an official said on Monday.

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